Our Guarantee

Our warranty is intended to ensure the work we perform is free from problems and meet the high quality standards we promise and that our customers have come to expect from us. It also identifies most normal risks associated with hard landscaping products subject to a variety of external and environmental factors.

Click here to download a copy of our general warranty:   General Warranty Document


All of our workmanship is carried out and completed to the highest standards. Any plantings, soil preperation and turf installations are done in the correct methods advised by the manufacturer. Patios, decking and retaining walls are installed to the manufacturers specifications and are often installed better than those same specifications.


We will repair any workmanship related problems that have been reported to us within the first twenty eight (28) days. Physical damage to our work is not covered this is includes, but is not limited too:

  • Acts of God (i.e. storms, heat waves, snow etc.)

  • Incorrect Maintenance of Products

  • Excessive Use of Force

  • Intention to Change Works after Job Completion

Concrete and Masonry

Any concrete and masonry comes with a twenty eight (28) day limited warranty on all new brick and paving installations with new sub-base foundations.

The warranty includes, but is not limited too;

  • Broken or cracked jointing

  • Deteriorated joints

  • Loose slabs, stones or bricks

  • Concrete work (limited to patch repairs only)

The warranty does not include, and is not limited too;

  • Broken, cracked or deteriorated jointing or masonry surfaces due to the over exposure of water, mould, fungus and fire.

  • Use of any chemicals to clear/remove snow or ice from the surface.

  • Damage sustained from any Act of God (i.e. storms, heat waves, snow etc.)

  • Broken or cracked concrete or masonry due to excessive force, items being dropped onto it or abuse from new construction near to or on our workmanship.

  • Collision (either via human or mechanical/electrical)

  • Improper use of structure (heavy machinery or large delivery trucks)

  • Concrete works:  Hairline cracks, shift due to water, snow exposure or deicer.

Lawns and Artificial Grass


It is understood and agreed that the client is responsible for proper maintenance for any lawn. This includes watering and fertilising as per manufacturers guidelines. If for any reason we are to believe the lawn has not been maintained correctly the warranty is void. We are not responsible for neglect, abuse, acts of nature or situations beyond our control.

We do not warranty any lawns or turf to be immune from moss, fungus, disease or insect damage and will not re-spray for such damage, except at the customers expense.

Artificial Grass

All artificial grass is covered by the manufactures warranty. We do not provide any additional warranty.

Hardscape Materials

Hardscape materials are covered under the warranty of the manufacturer or the supplier as applicable.

Natural products are guaranteed to be defect-free at installation. Cracking of natural stone is beyond our control and is a characteristic of some natural materials.

Labour charges is not included under warranty for the correction of defective material manufactured or supplied by others.



Wooden decking boards (inclusive of pergolas) are covered by our twenty-eight (28) day warranty. The cover provided is outlined below but not limited to;


  • Splitting decking board/timber framing

  • Loose decking boards/timber framing

  • Loose framing under the decking boards


This warranty does not include, but is not limited to;


  • Improper maintenance after installation is completed

  • Mould or mildew growth

  • Variations or changes of colour in the product

  • Improper use after installation

  • Any physical damage

Composite Decking

All composite decking is covered by the manufactures warranty. We do not provide any additional warranty.

If a problem arises that is not covered in this warranty document, it should be reported to DJ Landscapes and Property Maintenance as soon as a possible.


Each request for warranty will be assessed and a decision made.

Each decision is final. The details of the guarantee are subject to change.

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